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    Aligning text in DW CS4

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      Hello all:


      I thought I posted something about this already, yet after reading my previous post I was not able to find it for some reason. I also did not see anything that clearly answered my question in the forums, and just further confused me, lol..


      I am interested in aligning my text to the center of my site, when ever my browser is resized. When ever I resize my browser, for some reason the text shifts left. I have three small paragraphs that are in three separate columns. I am thinking that maybe it would be good to use tables, and might want to incorporate CSS if it makes building the site easier. I am really not sure, what would be the best approach here. My site is: www.merlincalo.com.


      I would like to be able to do some work on this too, so I would appreciate it if someone can point me in the right direction, and recommend some tutorials for this kind of thing.





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          Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          For best results here, post a URL to your web page.  The answers depend on what you've done so far.


          Short answer: use CSS.


          body {

          width: 800px; /**some width in px, % or ems**/

          margin: 0 auto; /**centers modern browsers**/

          text-align:center; /**centers older browsers**/




          .left {text-align: left}

          .center {text-align:center}

          .right {text-align:right}





          <p class="left"> this is left aligned text</p>

          <p class="right"> this is right aligned text</p>

          <p class="center">this is centered text</p>



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