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    Line Charts and XML Hierarchies

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      I'm having some conceptual issues with charting data.

      Right now I am using plain ol objects as source data for charting which is working,

      but now I'm trying to migrate this to XML for a number of reasons.

      Here is a hypothetical situation... trying to graph monthly sales of cars by color.



           <period date="1/1/10">
                <cars color="yellow" sold="2"/>
                <cars color="blue" sold="4"/>
                <cars color="white" sold="6"/>
           </period >
           <period date="2/1/10">
                <cars color="yellow" sold="6"/>
                <cars color="blue" sold="4"/>
                <cars color="white" sold="2"/>
      I want to graph this where Y-Axis is the number of cars sold and X-Axis is month.  
      I have a couple questions.
      Based on my previous experience with Flex charts, it seems that it 
      demands the data be structured more like this (instead of what's above)...
           <cars date="1/1/10" color="yellow" sold="2"/>
           <cars date="1/1/10" color="blue" sold="4"/>
           <cars date="1/1/10" color="white" sold="6"/>
           <cars date="2/1/10" color="yellow" sold="6"/>
           <cars date="2/1/10" color="blue" sold="4"/>
           <cars date="2/1/10" color="white" sold="2"/>
      Is that assumption correct?  Or is there a way to use the more hierarchical data (1st xml sample)?
      If my assumption is correct and I have to use the flattened example, 
      is there a simple/elegant want to transform the 1st example in to the 2nd example?  
      I know how I can do it with a looping/brute force approach by building a brand new tree, 
      but maybe there's a some kind of XML query trick.
      Lastly, if I'm using XML as the dataprovider like above, how do I convert the date strings 
      to actual dates so that I can format them to a specific date format?  
      I know how to convert them programatically, but if I'm just passing in XML, 
      how does the chart to know how to convert to dates?