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    Exporting .m2t from aftereffects?

    bertrenolds Level 1

      I searched around a bunch and everyone seems to think I should re-encode my .m2t files and then import them in aftereffects, a pain in the butt if you ask me. What exact codec should I convert them to, everyone says use your favorite lossless codec but I don't have one, what lossless codec/compression software and settings should I use for the best results? I'm keeping my PPro cs3 timeline .m2t so it has to be compatiable for when I re-import the edited file.


      The other option which is what I would prefer to do! I can import .m2t files into aftereffects and edit them fine, but when I add the project to render queue should I export is as a mpeg2 blueray? How do I get the audio and video muxed if it is possible? I guess I could import both. Otherwise what lossless codec and settings should I use to export the file for use in my Ppro cs3 project with little to no quality loss?


      I am sorry if this has been answered but I cannot find a clear answer and this is my first HDV project in aftereffects, I've always used DV in the past and have had no problems with it in aftereffects but as soon as I switch to HDV it seems aftereffects hates exporting the .mt2 format?

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          seth monger Level 1

          This looks relevant.  Hope that helps.  http://forums.creativecow.net/thread/202/883896



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            bertrenolds Level 1

            It's been a while but I never really got an answer, is there any way

            to mux the audio and .m2t video when exporting out of aftereffects cs3

            as a hd blueray? I've only been able to export the

            video and audio seperately which is anoying but tolerable.

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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
              is there any way to mux the audio and .m2t video when exporting out of aftereffects cs3

              as a hd blueray?


              And why would you even want that? If it is supposed to go on BluRay, the authoring program would demux it to add the stream control info. You gain nothing at all in using muxed audio, you only increase the chances for errors.



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                bertrenolds Level 1

                Alright, I now realize I can use dynamic link and

                I don't need to waste time rendering. Thanks for the help.

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                  bertrenolds Level 1

                  Well if you don't have enough memory to run dynamic link on a big project like myself it seems the best option is to export the project as a mpeg2 blueray and not multiplex the video and audio keeping them seperate. Since I wan't to keep all of my Ppro project video files the same file type making the project a .m2v file seems to be my best option.


                  Any opinions?

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                    I want to export .m2t files because I can preview them on my large theater system using my Playstation 3 (which does an awesome job of playing .m2t files). This allows me to check color, etc without having to burn a blu-ray. And I can stream it directly from my Mac to the PS3. I can export .m2t from Premiere Pro, but haven't figured out how to do it directly from AE (which would save me a lot of time).

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                      What I have been doing is exporting to .m2v and leaving my audio seperate in aftereffects and then importing them both into premiere because I don't have enough memory and no money to buy more at the moment and having several dynamic link videos in a 45min video can bog down your system alot. You cannot mux for some reason, you will keep getting errors and I guess you don't want to mux it anyways. It works fine and I don't notice any quality loss but there might be some. I still wish you could encode in .m2t or use frameserver in aftereffects to find a program that does encode in .m2t but .m2v seems to work fine and you can watch your edit in real time in the movie to see if it works or needs to be changed.


                      Are you annoyed yet that MAC doesn't support .m2t but adobe suite MAC does? You can't edit with final cut which is crappy if you bought a sony HDV camcorder. I'm sure your PS3 can play .m2v as well as .m2t.