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    AS2: combobox comp. leaving border onClose

    richtextformat Level 1
      have a look at this img:


      that green rectangle over the main photo there is left behind after the combobox at the bottom closes. it marked the extent of the dropdown list whilst it was displaying.

      what the hell is it and how can i lose it?
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          richtextformat Level 1
          ive tried these, all to no avail

          cbb.setStyle( "dropDownBorderStyle", "none" )
          cbb.setStyle( "borderStyle", "none" )
          cbb.setStyle( "border", "none" )
          cbb.border_mc._visible =
          cbb.boundingBox_mc._visible = false;
          cbb.drawFocus = undefined;

          i think i am going to scream and commit blue murder if i can't fix this problem. :)
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            richtextformat Level 1
            and i've tried a million other things since then. i'm a calm and patient man - im british for god's sake! - but after the day i've had i'm about ready to strangle the _______ who made this component. let me try, tho, to be calm and rational about it in order that i can actually explain and solve this problem.

            the issue is that the swf this combobox sits in used to be a standalone but now has to be loaded into another preloading sw and when comboboxs aren't directly on the _root, they don't work proply. you get it to work by doing:

            comboBoxParent_mc._lockroot = true;

            which is fine, sorta works. textformatting is out the window but that's ok. more important losses are:

            1. that ___ing green rectangle!!!!!!
            2. the fact that when you open the combo and start scrolling, either with the arrow keys or the scrollbar, the box ____ing closes on your first scroll action!!!!!!!! making it utterly utterly useless.

            so i put the combobox in the preloader instead. god knows what happened there but the combobox just turned into a white rectangle with a black border.

            so i started with a fresh swf and just a combobox and built my preloader step by step carefully around the CB's delicate little _rs_. which was fine until it got to the compilation stage at which point i put it online and whereas the swf was actually 350x350 it would only ever display at about 500x80!!!!

            i mean really. what good is this component?

            answers below please. please restore my faith and tell me how i can get this b_tch to listen to me. or, alternatively, point me to someone else's combobox THAT ACTUALLY WORKS!


            'pologies for the needless invective. s'been a tough day.
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              This usually works for me:

              cbb.drawFocus = undefined;
              cbb.dropdown.drawFocus = undefined;

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                luciewong Level 1
                I was fighting with this problem more than 1 year.
                I use the code below and all combos work fine for me.
                I hope it does help you.
                If not, then -
                if you load several movieclips - MCs or swf files - and if for ex. all or some have also a combo in their Library, this could cause problems. Sometimes a combo does not open or leave a green frame as you have now.
                Try to ADD or DELETE a combo from the library in a swf in a lower level.

                And for the combo the code I use:
                myCombo.text_mc.boundingBox_mc.drawFocus = null;
                myCombo.text_mc.boundingBox_mc.focusTextField = null;
                myCombo.focusEnabled = false;
                myCombo.vPosition = 0;

                Hope it helps,