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    Photoshop File Error - 1

    jaredboice Level 1

      Seriously, what is this error?  Is it related to Motion Menus?  If so, how???  I get this error CONSTANTLY and it's keeping me from finishing a high priority project.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          I have never seen this error, nor even read of it.


          Can you give us the details of your Encore Project with the full specs. of your Assets, i.e. your AV files, Menus, etc. and then tell us what you're doing, when you receive this error? The more detail the better.


          Good luck,



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            jaredboice Level 1

            Thanks Bill.  I'm authoring a 1080p 24p Mpeg-2 project featuring our companies exhaustive list of HD content, so it requires a dual layer 50GB Blu-Ray Disc.  While there are a lot of videos, the project itself does not seem all that complicated.  I just relinked the whole thing from scratch in less than a couple hours.  I've had to redo this thing several times because of the instable nature of Encore.  Another error I get frequently is "this file does not appear to be a photoshop file" - I got rid of that error one time simply by closing the application and restarting the computer.  I was able to build my project then.


            With exception to the motion menus, all the rest of the content is in h264 (m4v) at 720p.  I heard that menus are better in mpeg2 but that you can mix h264 and mpeg2 (as well as 720p and 1080p) in the same project as long as the project settings match the menu.

            The motion menus are all photoshop created files in 1920x1080 square pixels to match the 1920x1080 24p (23.976) square After Effects exported quiktime files (.mov) (which are transcoded to mpeg2)


            does it matter when I transcode the motion menu video?  Before build or during?


            I just can't seem to fathom what else I could possibly do differently to make this thing work. 

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              jaredboice Level 1

              Thanks John.  I made all the filenames small.  Still getting that same

              "Photoshop File Error" Message when attempting to Build the Blu-Ray Disc.

              I've done this stuff many times authoring DVD.  And I've repeated this

              Blu-Ray Project half a dozen times so it's gotta be a flawless project.  I

              don't understand what could be causing it.  The Encore Roxio component seems

              only related to Windows, I'm using a Mac.


              I've been able to burn one Blu-Ray Disc.  After each build error (the

              photoshop file error) I restarted the build and it took off from the last

              error.  So I was able to burn the disc but it had problems as expected.  The

              motion menus would only play through half of their background videos before

              looping, and the pop up menus were all jacked up.  I've since removed the

              popup menus on brand new versions of the project that I started from

              scratch.  Same exact issues.  I'm about done with this as I don't know what

              else to do.   I've done way harder things in the video world then author a

              blu-ray disc.  I can't fathom why this is so difficult.  I assume it has

              something to do with the motion menus and the compatibility of the photoshop

              file to the background video.  As far as I can see the aspect ratios and

              frame sizes are all matching...



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                warnergt Level 1

                I'm getting this error with Encore CS5 on the Mac and I have no motion menus. And you have to kill the program to get out of it. I am 100% miffed with Adobe software.  It's the highest priced worthless crap on the planet.

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                  warnergt Level 1

                  Thanks John T.!  Your post helped me resolve my problem which had me climbing the walls.


                  I was using Encore CS3 on the Mac and getting continual crashes.  So I bit the bullet and bought Encore (i.e. Premiere) CS5 hoping that Adobe may have fixed the problem (don't you love how you have to spend $299 with the hope it fixes the critical problems with your $799 program?).


                  With CS5, the crashes continued -- but at least I had a little more information: Photoshop File Error -1.  Duh.

                  That information was enough to lead me to this thread and your post.


                  I thought about the long filename problem and decided to check my filenames and paths to see what I had -- even though I use a Mac.

                  My project folder was named something like "Something Blitz 2006".  I changed the name to simply "Blitz06".  You can guess what happened after that.  I was able to build and write my Blu-ray disc perfectly. That was the ONLY change I made.


                  In hindsight, maybe I didn't need to buy Encore CS5.  Right now, I am so sick and tired (not to mention $299 poorer) from fighting with Encore that I'm not going back to see if Encore CS3 works with the modified directory name.


                  I thought these filename/path problems were fixed years ago.  Why does such expensive software still have these problems?

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                    aGardenOfTheMind Level 1

                    Had this issue recently, and it took a massive chunk of important time out of the schedule (working on Encore CS5.1).


                    What worked for me, was clicking the 'Edit menu in photoshop' button in Encore, and rasterizing all of my text layers. This way, Encore didn't run into any problems dealing with unusual characters.


                    After this, I was able to build my project seamlessly onto a DVD.


                    Hope this helps!

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                      jonahf1.4 Level 1

                      I got this error message when my Photoshop menu and background footage were not similar sizes.  My PSD was 1440x1080 but my video was 720x480.  I changed the video to 1920x1080 and the issue went away.

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                        Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                        Thanks for letting us know.

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                          Manuel Ibanez Level 1

                          I know this is super late now and maybe people have it figured out already.


                          I stumbled upon the same error while authoring a wedding video on BD. I remembered that I had some issues with my PSD menus and I had to edit them constantly. Then I realized that every time I open the menu from Encore to Photoshop it creates a new file without modifying the original. So I added all the changes I made to the original Photoshop menu, Re-imported the menu to Encore, Did all the necessary linking and all and the problem was solved!


                          In a nutshell: Don't click the 'Edit Menu in Photoshop' option. Instead, modify the original PSD file you have with what you need and, if necessary, re-import the menu.


                          Hope this helps people who are still struggling with this issue.