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    Adobe Media Encoder Freezes


      I am using Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 V4.2.1 on a Windows 7 64-bit system. I have an Intel Core i7 processor running at 3.1 GHz, 12 GB of DDR3 RAM running at 1413 MHz, an nVidia GeForce 260 core 216 graphics card, and a video disk consisting of 2 WD 7200 RPM HDD striped as a RAID 0.


      Encore was crashing the computer everytime I selected the Build tab and clicked on the Blu-Ray button. This was solved by updating the Sonic Solutions PX Engine.


      Now I have problems with the AME. I am working on a 2 Hr 39 Min project with .mp4 clips which Adobe's "Get Properties For" recognizes as XDCAM EX files NTSC, 1080i, 1920X1080 at 29.97 FPS. My preset is selected accordingly.


      I have seen multiple posts about Adobe Media Encoder freezing but never found a definitive answer. I have gone as far as doing a clean install and reinstalling PrPro but nothing has changed.


      The same thing happens when I try to build an H.264 Blu-ray disk image in Encore or whether I try to render the timeline in Premiere Pro CS4. The transcoding proceeds normally and the orange progress bar progresses for the first 3 - 3 1/2 hours. All 8 processor cores are running temps of 56-60 degrees Centigrade. After 3 - 3 1/2 hours the processor core temps fall to 36-40 degrees and there is no further progression of the orange bar over the next 3-4 hours. At that time the transcoding of Sequence 1 is about 30% complete. I then hit the cancel button and the busy ring spins and spins for about 10 minutes. Then a Windows pop-up says the program is not responding and asks if I want to close the program.


      I had an almost identical project when I was using Windows Vista 64-bit and PrPro CS4 on the very same computer, but before the V4.2 update came out, and did not have any problems at all. I have been using Premiere Pro for about 14 years and have never encountered crashes like I am having now.


      Hopefully somebody has the answer for this???

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          Doughboy12 Level 1

          I am no expert but I had this happen also.

          It turned out to be a bad video clip.


          Have you rendered the project? (Sequence>Render Entire Work Area (Timeline must be your active box I believe))

          Does it finish or hang?

          If it hangs up you most likely have a bad clip or empty space.


          The experts will be able to give you more to go on but that may get you started.


          Also, I never trust the new Windows 7 "not responding" popup.

          I always go to task manager and have a look, if I wait for something I know should take a long time it is almost always a false popup.

          Watch for the ImporterProcessServer.exe *32 process. If it takes up a full core worth of processor percentage, you most likely have a problem with a clip. (I am willing to back off that “opinion” but it holds true for me.)


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            BobBenson Level 1

            As I mentioned, the same thing happens whether I render the timeline in PrPro or build

            a Blu-ray image in Encore.