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    audio video lost synchronization when copied


      I have a folder with all the project and source files in it. I copied the whole folder to a new computer. When I look (and listen) at one of the sequences the sound and video are off by about 3 seconds. This is not the case on the first computer. I haven't done anything yet to the project. Are there some hidden cache files or something that also need to be copied? I had originally worked on the second computer, but then I copied it back to the first one and did some work. It was fine there, then I copied the files back to the second computer and the audio was off. This is a strange one.


      To summarize:

      1. Worked on project on computer A.

      2. Copied folder to computer B and edited more. (I was travelling).

      3. Copied folder from B back to A.

      4. Did more editing, rendered and created DVD. This worked fine.

      5. Copied folder form A to B again. Now the sound is off by about 3 seconds. No editing has been done yet.


      I compared the folder contents between A and B and they are identical!


      Any ideas out there?


      Thanks, Martin Nohr

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          I have no idea how this is happening, without outside intervention. Since the Copy function is byte-for-byte, the files should not be changed in any way.


          Looking at your Clips in the OOS Timeline, are there any +, or - numbers at the Head of the Clips in the Name area? For 3 sec., these numbers should be around -90,or +90 for NTSC.


          Though finding the cause is job 1, this ARTICLE will give you tips on fixing it.


          Good luck,