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    Is this possible to do in Dreamweaver, or do I have use Flash?

    Samuel Cahill

      Hey Guys!


      This is my first post and I am hoping you are not a bunch of sharks that are after my bleeding appendages. I need some guidance with a current web design project that I am doing. If anyone can help me out I would be so thankful!


      The site itself is a fixed framing of about 800 x 600 pixels.
      At the bottom of the site there are six navigation buttons.
      The 6 buttons trigger a SMALLER inset frame in the middle of the site design.


      How can I achieve the following?


      When the user highlights one of these navigation buttons, the following happens:


      The navigation button font changes colors and plays a sound signifying hover, and a sub-menu extends above revealing sub-catgeories for the user to pick.


      ONCE A sub category is SELECTED,
      The following happens:


      Information in the little INSET window CHANGES




      The background of the "HOST" site, carrying the frame with changing content, FADES SMOOTHLY into a different set image. (The portions of the website that are BEHIND the text information frame.)



      Does this make sense?
      If anyone can help Id be so thankful!
      have a happy day!