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    Image Link Problem with Dreamweaver CS4?


      On my website, I have several images that link to other parts on my website. These work no problem when I preview the site, but after I test the links, the images that had those links have purple outlines that really clash with my website's design. Will users see this if they click on my links, and then return to the page? I'm using CS4 right now, and never recalled having this issue come up when using MX. Thanks for the help.

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          Zabeth69 Level 5

          Those borders were applied when you made your images links. They are actually the same color as the default link colors: blue underline for a link, purple for a visited link, etc.


          With CSS, you can 'turn off' borders on images to get rid of them. Put this in your stylesheet:

          a img { border: none; }



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            mccoole1 Level 1

            I got stuck on this one too - not realising that Dreamweaver automatically palces a border on every image link - but the simplest way I found was to have my "Properties" panel showing on the bottom and input 0 into the "Border" box. By having this panel open you can see if you have accidently applied any styles to the image, where it links to, Image size attributes and the Image name.