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    Imported Sony MXF files are only 3 frames long.


      I recently got a new system with Win7, CS4, and Matrox Axio LE.  I have the latest Axio utilities installed and I installed the 4.2 version of Premiere Pro.  I also installed the Sony XDCAM drivers for the PDW-U1 disc reader and the proxy videos play fine.


      I have imported the same MXF files on an older, slower, less RAM, XP PRO system using CS3 without any problems.


      The video was shot with a Sony PDW-F355 XDCAM HD at 35Mbit.  


      I'm curious if I'm missing a codec, driver, or something similar.  I did get a "DirectShow" error at one point.


      If anyone has any ideas, even ridiculous ones, I'm willing try anything.