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    Sorting last name in datagrid

      I have a datagrid and there is a salesman field where I am able to sort that column well, however I have a customer_name field and I am not able to sort by that field. It will group the records together so that I see the fields that have a customer_name value and then the next group of records will be listed that have no value for the customer_name field, however when looking at the group of customer_name values that have values, they are not sorted. it shows something like the following for the customer_name field after I click on the column to sort it

      "" (blank field since customer_name has no value)
      "" (blank field again and so on.....)

      I checked the datagrid props in the mxml page and sortable="true" for the customer_name and I did not see any other properties in the datagrid that would not allow it to sort.

      Does this make sense to anyone? If yes, please advise what I am doing wrong.