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    Two Questions

    Amosl Level 1

      Hi everyone. I am building my first stratus app and have encountered a problem, and also have a question.  My first problem is that when I test my video chat app it works on my computer when connecting to another instance of the flash app on my computer.  But when I try to connect to friends elsewhere it doesn't work.  I read on this forum that it may have to do with a crossdomain policy, but I'm thinking that its something else since even the user runs the swf outside a browser we cannot connect.  Any suggestions as to what to look for?


      The second issue is really more of a question.  if I get the user id from stratus, is there any way to test that a connection is still active?  in other words, if they just shut down their browser, and I have their session ID in my DB, I have no real way of knowing that they are no longer connected to stratus.


      Anyways, thanks in advance for any replies. I recognize these are newb questions, but i have done some research and just can't find anything.