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    New forum split Flashbuilder/SDK

    David_F57 Level 5



      This idea makes no sense at all, those that are aware of what constitutes an sdk question or an ide question probably won't be asking that many questions, the big issue is that questions are already not defined as to their target IDE or SDK, it is hard to answer a question even if it is in a 'Flashbuilder' forum becuase there are multiple sdk's available for the FB IDE.


      Now an extension to the "new topic panel" that allowed the poster to select an IDE and a SDK as part of the header for the post would be beneficial to both poster's and those responding to the post.



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          Jason San Jose Adobe Employee

          Hey David. Anything we do to help users self-diagnose won't work 100% of the time. Especially, as you pointed out, for users who aren't aware of what criteria we're looking for. We experience this in our bug database as well. Essentially, we live with it and endeavor to move things to the right bucket when we can. Personally, my hope is that this will help make users more aware of the line between the two products.


          You've been a big help on the forums and we definitely appreciate the feedback.


          Jason San Jose

          Software Engineer, Flash Builder