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    Questions About Flash Catalyst Please Help


      OK i have a few question to ask, and Info to give.


      Computer :MacBook Pro 15 uni-body

      2.8Ghz Duo core

      4GB DDR3


      OS ver : Snow leopard 10.6.3


      Ok first question

      1. Are you allowed accesses or permission to the Preferences in FC? When I click Preferences nothing happens Is this the way the Beta 2 is set up?

           I was hoping to be able to select the browser I wanted to preview my work.


      2. Does FC Beta 2 run clunky and slow on every ones computer?


      3. I was watching the video of Ty Voilter on Creating Animation in Flash Catalyst. I had a similar PSD file that I wanted to animate like this training video. I constructed all the parts identical like Ty with a back ground fade and then a couple of graphic movements up and to this point my FC file worked the same. Ty then goes on to click the art boar to deselect everything then mouse's up to the actions HUD then he quickly clicks on the back ground graphic that fades, at that point the action HUD gives him a applications inter action choice to play the whole animation as the page loads. When I try the same process I only get the convert art work.


      What could cause this?


      4. Is the version that is being demo'ed in the video's the same as this Beta2?

           My Beta2 works and does not look the same as the videos, certain items that are shown in the videos are not in place on my version?

           Is there a Beta2 patch?


      Please help frustrated with FC already.