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    1080p (from a 7d) jerkiness

    getho Level 2

      I'm just doing my first premiere project for 10 years: (so I'm more than a bist rusty!)


      I captured in 1080 25p.  I've setup to edit in 720p.  because:

      1) I dont need 1080p

      2) to allow me to pan around the frame if I need to (which I'm not doing a huge amount).


      I wasn't expecting playback to be realtime but its pretty gnarly.  Footage plays fine in source window, but even un-resized fottage is playing back about 5fps or less (like its almost unusable).


      If I render then it plays back fine, but rendering a 2 minute clip takes about 10 mins. Oy!


      its cs4, win7 64, i7 920, gtx275 with latest driver, 12gb ram. Hardrive is single wd raptor.


      Am I just expecting too much?


      Is there a better way of working? (like would I be better working at 1080p and re-sizing at the end?)