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    Module Switching - Memory Leaks - Event Listeners




      I am working on a Flex Project (Mate Framework) with huge number of Modules.  Each module consists of around 30 screens.


      In each module, i added around 5 eventmaps.  In each eventmap, there are several "Mate RemoteObjectInvoker", "Mate PropertyInjector", "Mate InlineInvoker", "Mate ObjectBuilder", "Mate Injectors" and "Mate EventHandlers".  Also i am creating several actionscript objects.  I want to delete all actionscript objects and remove all listeners during unloading of module(Module Switching).  Currently my application is working.  But objects and listeners are not removed from memory during module switching.


      I need any generic process to remove listeners and actionscript objects, so that i can easily implement for all modules.


      Thanks in advance.