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    [CS4- JS-InD Server] - How to Load the Printer Preset - Reg.

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      Dear All,


      Here I load the Printer Preset from Local Machine and generete the "PS" to Local machine using "Stand Alone InDesign Application". Thjs is working fine.

      But I cant Load the Printer Preset from Local Machine using InDesign Server.


      I dont know where I done the mistake's,  Anybody can correct the below coding and let me know...


      //======================= Code =================================//

          //=============================  PS Creation to Constant "OUT" Folder  ===============//
                           app.printerPresets.item("MyPreset").printFile = new File("C:\\+ "OUT\\" + app.documents.item(0).name.split(".indd")[0] + ".ps");
                           app.documents.item(0).print(false, app.printerPresets.item("MyPreset").name);

      //======================= End  : Code =================================//


      The above coding is working fine, in Stand alone machine, but not working in Server machine....


      Please anybody can help me in this problem and I will appreciate.....



      Thanks & Regards

      T.R.Harihara Sudhan




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