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    printing issues

    sukuso Level 1

      The file is 44x90 and 40 mg. It gets an error, "Illustrator can not print Illustration"


      The same size, 44x90 will print with only a line on the page.


      The file will print half size but not full size.


      Epson says it is a memory problem with Illustrator.


      I can print other files to this printer with both Illustrator and Photoshop. It is not the Epson printer driver.


      The epson printer can print to 94" in length. The file is 84" and will not print. It is a simple text file, no graphics.


      Operating System: Mac OS X (v10.6)
      Printer model / driver version: epson13043_pro9900_printer_driver_655

      Illustrator CS4

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Save a PDF, pringt from Acrobat? Illustrator's printing is indeed not that great.



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            I have had a similar issue. On a 44x90, I had one small section that would not print. I was able to print part of the image, roll the paper back and then print the next part.


            However, the problem seems to be worst now. I'm doing a 24x86 image and it would not print correctly (leaves part of the image off) after I got the cant print dialog. Again, I gave up and worked the image so I could print part, roll the paper back, and print the rest.


            I have printed these sizes many times without a problem until now. I'm not sure what changed as I do not do these large prints that often.


            It acts like AI CS4 needs more physical memory than I have.


            I'm running Mac OS 10.6.3, 4GB, 2.6 Intel core 2 duo, 17 in MacBook Pro


            If there is another solution I would like to know about it.


            Thanks, Jim