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    Flex 4 Dynamic XML driven ComboBox [object Object] problem


      I am dynamically populating a ComboBox with an HTTPservice calling an  XML file. This all works dandy through the Flash Build 4 interface.  Below is the ComboBox code:


      <s:ComboBox id="cbSockOptions" change="cbSockOptions_changeHandler(event)" 
      <s:AsyncListView list="{TypeUtility.convertToCollection(Operation1Result2.lastResult.Company)}"/>

      As stated, above is my code which populates the ComboBox. I would  like to retrieve the seleted value from the ComboBox, but when I do I  get the following output (e.g. when presented in a Label):


      [object Company_Type]


      I am currently using the following code to retrieve the value of the  ComboBox





      All the reading I have done on the subject says that I must specify a  'labelField' in my ComboBox, which I do. However, I am still seeing the  [object Company_Type] as an output, instead of the real value.