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    HTML and how Flash can handle this???

    DazFaz Level 1

      Hello everyone,




      A while ago now I  can across a component that you could place in flash and it would let you view html web pages from within flash. Now the  frustrating this is that i cannot remember where I saw it and what the name of the component was. Has anyone any ideas?


      Im working on an  embedded systems project using flash and there is a requirement to view html web pages from within Flash. I know there are a number of  third party apps that let you create a stand alone app, using flash, where you  can create virtual browsers. One application in particular that lets you do  this is SWFStudio. I have already been in touch with these guys and they do not  support embedded systems so does anyone else know of any third party application  that is supported on embedded systems, that will let you view HTML pages  using Flash?


      This is frustrating  the hell out of me so any help to ease my pain would be very much appreciated.


      Thanks in advance.