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    Using an Excel file as a dynamic data source? Opinions needed...

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      I have posted this topic before, but as always; in order to get the relevant correct answer you have to ask the correct question.


      I'm trying to create a number of Pricelists linked to an Excel/CSV file. I have a Excel file that contains Pricelist information which is Product specific.


      I have had a number of suggestion that follow:


      A direct link to the Excel file. PROs: Excel file can be uploaded on FTP and overwritten if (and when) amended. Linking this is easy peasy in Dreamweaver. Person browsing can download info straight away on request - no hassle. CONs: Simply, not everyone has Excel and those who don't can not access the information.

      Import Excel file as tabular data. PROs: Fairly easy to do in Dreamweaver. Person browsing can see info straight away. CONs: Can be time consuming on larger Excel files. NOT amendable (so a number of price changes becomes a big job). Can't simply overwrite Excel file on FTP. Larger Excel files can take a lot of page space and thus require tonnes of scrolling).

      Use the Excel file as a dynamic data source. --Not entirely sure how I would go about doing this (any suggestions/links/tutorials etc)-- PROs: ? CONs: Contributor added this suggestion is not a good idea as it performs poorly on the web.

      Create a dynamic page using a database and import the Excel file to that....or maintain the price list in the database rather than an Excel file. --Again not entirely sure how I would go about doing this (any suggestions/links/tutorials etc)-- My understanding of this option is that it will require XML data and SPRY work. Is this correct? Can this be someone who is not an advanced user?


      If once again, I'm off the mark and better suggestions can be thought - please do so.

      As you can see I'm at a bit of a crossroads so an suggestions, comment, help, links, tutorials or applause would be greatly received.

      Thanks in advance and looking forward to seeing the comments this throws up!