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    X5 Component 4 issue - can't edit topics

      Others have mentioned this issue (opening Robohelp HTML, a message displays: 'Unable to run component 4' ...and no topics will open in the wysiwyg editor).

      No one seems to have come up with a real solution, other than a suggestion that one must install RH as an administrator. I've done a complete uninstall and reinstall of RH as per adobe instructions. I'm installing as administrator. I've disabled virus and spyware software. Again and again I run into the same problem.

      A wrinkle...others have reported the same problem but didn't share their operating system. I'm on Vista. I know X5 is not guaranteed on Vista, but I have a subcontractor who has installed it on a Vista machine and it's running perfectly.

      Any suggestions as to what to look for?
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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Hi lkarlin and welcome to the RH community.
          I think you have answered your own question. RH is not currently supported under Vista. Some people may well be able to run RH under Vista but that does not mean that everyone can. I think there is little anyone here can offer other than what you have already done. The only thing I can suggest is to see if there are any configuration differences between you and your sub-contractor.