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    Update Repair Fiasco


      I've about had it with the Update Repair pop ups that I can't get rid of. If I delete Adobe from my Applications, will that get rid of them?  I can then download a free Adobe later.


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          I agree it's a fiasco and NO it won't get rid of it. Adobe is rapidly approaching virus status to me.


          They CONSTANTLY want to install other software along with theirs. Now they put the desktop icon in the all users folder where you can't get rid of it. Who needs a desktop icon for Adobe anyway? You just open the file!


          Now, they've got this worthless "update" that won't install. I get the same error on 5 machines. Unable to update, run repair. What repair? I ran that, and it wouldn't run for a db error. I completely removed Adobe Reader and reinstalled what should be the latest version right off their website. 10 minutes later and every few hours since, I get the idiotic popup that there is an update available, although it won't run anymore.


          Apparently there is no tech support any more. I've found nothing and gotten no replies. Just us "customers" out here to fend for ourselves.


          Sad. I used to LOVE Adobe stuff and the company.

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            DOincalif Level 1

            I couldn't  even shut down the computer. Finally, got mad and force 

            quit all of the Adobe stuff on my dashboard (left it installed in 

            Applications).  No problem since then.