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    Question, Trouble with 1st key frame

      Let me thank anyone who is nice enough to answer my beginners questions in advance. I made my first very simple flash file yesterday and things went pretty well after I figured out that you had to insert "blank key frames" in the time line until you want something to come on after the beginning of the sequence.


      I have something that is good enough to go on my web site except for the very beginning of the movie. When my movie recycles everything comes on for 1/12 of a second because every layer has a darkened key frame in position one. From then on it works fine until it recycles again and of course, everything reappears for 1/12 of a second because we are back at the beginning. How do I stop the layers that are programmed to come on later in the movie from flashing on when the 1st frame is passed by on repeats? Something simple I'm sure because I don't see everyone else's movies doing this : < )