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    Video cards - NVIDIA or RADEON


      As I look through so many posts about unstable systems, it makes me wonder.


      I haven't seen any posts from people with Radeon video cards. Admittedly, I'm an AMD and ATI user with several systems. Premiere is relatively stable on them. I can do hours worth of work before I need to save and restart.


      So, I'm curious. Is it because I use Radeon video? or perhaps because I loaded Windows (Vista in this case) onto a blank hard drive instead of an update, or worse yet, onto something like an HP, Compaq, Dell, Sony etc, with all of its bloatware to confuse things.


      I also realize that very few people with completely trouble free systems even come here.


      But, if your system is stable, care to post and describe your system?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          While the video card, and its drivers, can account for stability, much depends on the rest of the system, such as a strong CPU (especially for AVCHD), multiple physical HDD's, and a good compliment of RAM.


          As far as video driver stability, until very recently, I would have said that nVidia went through a batch of drivers, that have caused issues. Just in the last two weeks, it seems that the very latest ATI/AMD Catalyst drivers might have issues too. There are several active threads on the PrPro forum, where users had to roll-back their Catalyst drivers. IIRC, the 10.3 seems to be the issue, and the late 9-series, and possibly the 10.1, work with Adobe programs. Seems that neither company is totally immune to problems.


          Personally, I keep older drivers handy on my computer, though I have never had a problem with either of my nVidia cards, or their drivers. I still want the ability to go back to a "known good," should things go wrong.


          It's the same for QT Player. The 7.4.x series of updates were bad with Adobe programs, and 7.5.5 is what I am using everywhere. The 7.6.x, before 7.6.6, also had issues with Adobe programs. I have not tried 7.6.6, though the reports are good. I'll wait, and probably pick up a copy of 7.6.6, in case I need to upgrade. Have no clue how well, or not, the next QT Player version will be. Time will tell.


          Glad that things are going well on your systems.