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    Cold Fusion/Flash Builder Hosting Question

    Daniel Pride Level 1

      I have been hosting on GoDaddy for some years and want to now host Cold Fusion as a back end to Flash Builder 4

      But they only offer Cold Fusion MX 7.0 on Unix and 8 on  Windows.
      They also include the following restriction.

      To call your CFC, you will need to use the <cfinvoke>  tag. The  <cfobject> tag and the CreateObject  function are disabled on our  servers for security reasons. For example, the following code will call  the sayHello function on a CFC named hello.cfc

      <cfinvoke component="hello" method="sayHello">

      Will Cold Fusion 7 allow me to do remote objects and catch them in Flash  Builder 4 with this setup???


      Is there an economical hosting service available that I can use to run Cold Fusion/Flash Builder 4 on?

      Dan Pride