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    Png issue vs Result in different browser or viewer

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      I have a nice probleme here. I am trying to have a nice header for my website so i build it in Photoshop, Save it as png, import it in Dreamweaver with his natural size and then go on internet explorer and firefox( or chrome ) and i get 2 different result.


      Check the Logo, the menu button and the text on the right to compare element.


      Any idea why ? and how to fix that ?. it is a big probleme because i have button of the same style with the same typo elsewhere in the webpage and they are crystal clear.....


      some detail on the file here.


      Dont forget to zoom until the 2 top exemple got the " menu " text perfectly clear... as it should be. Header size is 2000x136.


      EDIT : image removed. Please go here : http://www.episodesoft.com/demo/png_issue.jpg

      You will have to copy paste the link because the forum show it but dont allow you to zoom to be at 100 % scale.



      Message was edited by: Chorale0001 : Dang.. you cannot zoom on the forum. all right switching the file for a host.