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    animated button issue


      i tried following a tutorial to create an animated button. it's not functioning as i had hoped and i was wondering if anyone could help.


      i originally had the animation in frames and it worked somewhat. if you test the links_1.swf, it functions as i had hoped but if you activate the button quickly, the timing gets messed up and the animation sticks. file:///Users/GS2/Desktop/links_1.fla


      then i tried to set the animations in movie clips and they won't stop. file:///Users/GS2/Desktop/links_2.fla


      i tried including the fla files for reference. any suggestions?

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Links to your hard drive won't work here.  You should describe what you did in your design attempts, and maybe include a reference to the tutorial you are trying to follow.  It is possible that you or the tutorial missed a step somewhere.

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            dlowrie_mi Level 1

            the tutorial is http://www.layersmagazine.com/flash-button-animation.html and i think i followed it step by step.


            i set up the flash file, created a movie clip for the button, made a layer and placed the movie clip in it, set the text for the button on another layer, made a layer for labels and set up the labels, made another layer for actions and placed the stops as suggested, created the button and hit area, added the script from the tutorial and then created the animation on layers.


            i had tried to include the .fla files but it didn't work. they forum discussion on attaching files to forum messages said to use the "browse" button but i didn't see one.

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              Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              It took me a couple days to take the time to go thru the tutorial.  My verdict on it is that it is a good tutorial for someone who has a good amount of experience working with Flash, but it does miss explaining some steps as far as I can tell.  So it might be expected that the outcome might not match what's advertised if you follow it word for word.  Though I cannot tell exactly where it may have tripped you up.


              I tend to be unforgivingly critical when it comes to properly explaining a procedure (even my own attempts). When it consistently says to enter a label using capital letters, but shows lower case in the images cues me in that the author might not be good with details.  In fact, I still can't see where it says anything about placing the container movieclip on the stage of the main timeline... that's a fairly critical bit of missing info if it truly isn't there.  Lots of folks like to create tutorials, but not all of them should... but this one wasn't too bad.


              In any case, with some liberties taken in the visuals, I've created the intended output of that tutorial and saved it as a Flash 8 file.  In my example I include two buttons to demonstrate something else that alot of AS2 tutorial writers excel at... teaching poor coding practices.   Placing code "on" buttons/objects, such as on(release), on(rollover), etc... is not a good practice.  The more acceptable approach is to assign an instance name to the button and assign code to in in the timeline.  So you can open both movieclips up to see how the coding differs.  In the second version you will find all of the code in the timeline where it is easier to find.



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