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    New to Dreamweaver CS4


      I have upgraded to Dreamweaver CS4 and am having trouble getting my site to upload to my server. The previous version I had I created a simple website with flash, added to a dreamweaver page and uploaded it to my server and i could edit it through dreamweaver if i needed to. I dont use this program very often and when i created a new flash site and added it to the index.html page it uploads to my server, but doesnt appear when i open a browser. It also doesnt appear when when I preview it in a browser. I am on a mac if this helps.

      Could someone chime in and give me the basics on what i am missing.


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          michaiel Level 1

          i got it to show up in Preview > Browser...


          next problem is i have an unequal white border around the flash file. i have the background color matching the flash file site, but i cant get rid of the white border. I am assuming it is the index page...