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    Need simple quick start help

    Will_3 Level 1
      Just installed 30 day demo and started new project.

      I thought I could create slides from scratch in Captivate but I don't see a "Text Tool" or Drawing tools to create lines, boxes, etc...

      Am I missing them? Or must I create slides in Power Point or other program first and either 'import' or record on the screen as I play the slides back?

      Finally - We are using "Line in" on PC for audio recording... feeding it from a mixer and microphone...

      BUT... Captivate automatically switches the sound input away from 'Line In' to the 'Microphone In' on the Windows XP Recording Control Panel

      Thanks for any help.
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi Will_3

          Indeed you may create slides "from scratch" in Captivate. You are correct in that there are no drawing tools. About the closest you can come with those is to use Highlight Box objects and adjust the Frame Width. Lines are another story.

          The bottom line is that Captivate doesn't function quite like Flash in that you create illustrations. It is more of a screen recording application. Grabbing screen captures and stitching those together with mouse movement and bits of full motion to achieve the illusion of a full motion product.

          Not sure what to advise regarding the line in change. Personally, I've never used it. Hence, I've not seen what you are describing. Perhaps another user can speak to that.

          Cheers... Rick