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    Lock PDF form in workspace workflow

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      I have a form that after submitted should be locked down.  It goes through about 5 levels of approval before completing.  No one in the workflow should be able to modify any data in the form except for the first level approver.  If the last approver needs something changed, he/she must send back to first approver for an edit request.  How do I lock down the form to prevent anyone from making changes?  At each step in the process, we capture a "signature" (certificate based) and that must be preserved throughout process, so we need to pass PDF, not XDP data through process.


      We are using ES2.  Any thoughts?  Jasmin?  Jayan?


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          Steve L Walker Level 5

          There are several options including


          1. Create a second XDP with read-only fields. After the first user task, merge the data with XDP containing read-only fields.
          2. After the first user task flatten the PDF. Depending on your LiveCycle environment this may be accomplished using LiveCycle Ouput ES, Assembler, or the DocConverter service.