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    Complex HTML Rendering within FLEX

      I posted this as a message to Dan, but i figured it might get answered sooner if i placed it on the forum.

      How will FLEX 3.0 render HTML? Will it be through another object provided on the controls menu? I looked at the plan for FLEX 3, but could only find a mention of HTML rendering through AIR. I'm unsure as to how, if at all this will work in FLEX.

      Thank you,

      Curtis Fisher
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          matt_chotin Level 3

          Flex 3 supports HTML rendering via the HTML control in AIR, but we will need enhancements in the Flash Player to support more HTML rendering in the future. We have said that we're working on some new text support in the Player ( see blog post) and one of its goals is to improve our rendering capabilities, but this is a little ways off. I know that the engineers have spent some time prototyping other HTML rendering options, so you can actually do some decent work, but we don't have anything built into the framework right now.