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    PDF Fixups




      We have a current workflow where we produce Hi Res PDF's with crops and bleed for print purposes. We also need to create a low res pdf without crops and bleed (crop to trim) hopefully without having to go back into InDesign and re-producing the PDF.


      Can anyone tell me how to produce a FixUp to accommodate this.


      I know you can crop the document to the Trim Size from the 'Document' menu and selecting 'Crop Pages'.


      Is there anyway of incorporating this into a FixUp or Preflight profile along with reducing the file size and saving to an assigned folder different to the source folder?





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          Paul Cracknell Level 3

          Hi Mark,


          Yes this is possible, you need to look into Batch Processing. See Advanced > Document Processing > Batch Processing... where you can create a custom sequence to crop, preflight save to source folder etc.



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            de5ignfreek Level 1

            Is there any way you put all of the batch processing and preflight into one Droplet that can sit on numerous desktops?


            Plus I have ran a batch process and it has converted all the original hi res files to low res as well as saving a copy to the output folder. Is there anyway of retaining the original file?