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    Specs for CS5


      I dont have alot of money to buy a high spec laptop so

      for my credit budget i have picked out 2 laptops,


      1. intel core2 duo T6600 processor

         4gb ram

         16..4in x-black WXGA display

         ATI mobility radeon HD 4570 graphics card


      2. intel core i3-330M processor

         4gb ram

         15.5in display

         ATI mobility radeon HD 5470 graphics


      The first one costs more than the second so i presumed it's more powerful

      but then i found out i3 is more powerful than core2 T6600

      so i don;t know which one to get.


      Can anyone help?

      I'm planning on getting CS5 web premium

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          Ben M Adobe Community Professional

          Core i3 without a doubt.  The mid-range Core 2's that are left on the market won't comapre to the i3 even without those Turbo boost in the i5 and i7 processors the i3 outperforms the T6600.


          The only other deciding factor is the OS.  If one has a 64-bit and the other doesn't, go 64-bit for a small difference in price if necessary.