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    How to access dynamically created component values in flex?

    Nedumangad Level 1

      Basic question please.I have an "Add" button and while clicking on it,I will add one "HBox" to a canvas.Each HBox contains one TextInput and one ComboBox components.Suppose I have added 5 HBox to the canvas(by clicking "Add" button 5 times) so that I will be having totally 5 TextInputs and  5 ComboBox values.How can I access these values in my ActionScript function so that I can pass these values to my server side code(Java) ? In JSP,i could have used document.getElementByName("textbox_name") so that I will be having an array of 5 textinput values...But how it is possible in Flex since I dont have any "id" or "name" for these components...(Or should I use an "id" or "name" ? )