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    Questions re FB4 Network Monitor and Debugger

    cheftimo Level 2

      In trying to learn about data in FB4, I have run into a couple of issues I need to ask about:


      1. Debugging –


      I have tried to look at result/lastResult of a data service in the debugger, but no success. I have also tried assigning those to an ArrayCollection; the compiler lets me do it, but in the debugger it shows as null. Is this by design, or am I missing something? Does the debugger not see results of a CallResponder or the AsyncListView?


      2. Network Monitor –


      I never tried anything like this before, but can see situations where seeing the network traffic could be useful.


      I have enabled the Network Monitor in a couple of test projects. When I run the project, everything appears in the browser, but any controls that contain data from the server come up blank – when I disable the monitor, it all displays as expected. My question: is this the normal behavior of the Newtwork Monitor?


      I would really appreciate any comments/explanations. Thank you.