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    No sound, need help!




      I'll tell you up front I'm not great with computers or this program.


      I am using Adobe Premiere Elements 7.0. I have made videos with it before and they turned out fine. But the last one I made does not have sound when published to Youtube or a DVD. When you play it in the Premiere program on the timeline, the sound is there and totally fine. But once it renders/sends it to youtube or a DVD there is nothing at all...


      What should I check first? Your help is appreciated.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Welcome to the forum.


          Can you give us details on your source footage/Assets, your Project Preset?


          Also, with the DVD, do you get Audio, when you Preview?


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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Though primarily for instances, where PrE does not play the Audio, this ARTICLE might have a clue somewhere.


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              1k2b Level 1

              Hi Bill, thanks for your reply.


              I read the article. No issues with my computer, it plays everything else fine. Bear with me....it says, "does the audio play in a simple player". What is a simple player? The audio is definitely turned on. The track/sound volume (all the way to the left) is turned up. Plus the orange line is where it is supposed to be per your article.


              Project presets -


              Editing Mode - DVNTSC

              Time base - 29.97 FPS

              Frame size - 720x480

              Pixel Aspect Ratio - D1/DVNTSC.9

              Fields - Lower Field First

              Display - 30FPS Dropframe Time code

              Audio Sample rate - 48,000 HZ

              Display Format - audio samples

              capture - DV Capture


              It's like something just get messed up when you let Adobe convert it into a finished file...


              When I put it on DVD it did not play sound at all, just like when I uploaded it to youtube and also saved it as something I could play with windows media player. Just totally dead sound.


              If there's anything else I can tell you that would help let me know where to find it and I will post it! I'm not really well versed with this program or much editing in general.

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                1k2b Level 1

                I should add too that the clips are .mov files off of a digital camera.

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  Do you have QuickTime Pro, the US$29 upgrade from QT Player? If so, load one of the source files and hit Ctrl+J for the Properties Panel. Let us know about the CODEC of the Audio, please.


                  If not, you can Rt-Click on one of the files in PrE and choose Properties. QT Pro just does the best job with MOV files, when it comes to getting the full info. Also, one can use G-SPOT, the great, free utility to get the info. However, it does not do as good a job with MOV and WMV files.


                  Having the Audio in PrE, but not getting it into any form of Export, is odd.


                  As a test, choose Share>DV-AVI and make sure that both Export Audio and Video are checked. Go to the Multiplexer tab, and make sure that DVD is chosen, in lieu of None. What happens with that file?


                  As for the question, a simple player is WMP, VLC, MediaPlayer Classic HC, etc. in lieu of an NLE, which does much more than a player-only has to do.


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                    nealeh Level 5

                    The free version of QuickTime gives some basic information, including encoding, with [CTRL]+I.


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