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    PPro CS5 multicam and timecode features?

    adam gold Level 1

      Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere, but searches of both the forums and the main Adobe site come up with no specifics on these:


      1.  Is multicam editing in PPro CS5 still limited to four cams/tracks?


      2.  Have they resolved the issues where file-based clips (that is, either AVCHD, XDCAM or m2t from the Sony MRC1k recorder) do not bring in the original timecode, but instead start all clips at 00;00;00;00?  Lots of discussion on this issue but no answers, and Adobe support has ignored/closed my inquiries twice now without ever responding.  My specific issue (and it seems to be shared by others who have posted here as well) is with HDV m2t clips, which bring in the timecode fine when captured from tape but not if transferred from the MRC1k.  Which sort of defeats why I bought a whole bunch of cams that do TC LINK as well as take the MRC natively.  At present you can use one feature or the other, but not both.  Ironic.


      Anyone know?  Again, apologies if these answers have already been posted.