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    Trouble with FTP

    chasechris Level 1

      Hi there.


      I'm currently working on a site using Dreamweaver CS3 and I've been using the same ftp information since I started working on it.  I've uploaded and downloaded from the server without a problem until recently when, without changing any log in infomation, I get an ftp error.


      "An FTP error occurred - cannot make connection to host.  Your login or password is incorrect.  Please check your connection information."


      I cross referenced my login info and they are all correct.  I also tried to connect to the server on another site I'm working on and the same error occured.  This leads me to believe something is wrong with Dreamweaver.  Any ideas?!

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          LonelyDead Level 1

          You could ask your host for your password and username to make

          sure it's correct.

          You could try connecting to your FTP with a different software,

          try using filezilla, i never use dreamweaver as an FTP,

          using filezilla just seems alot easier to me

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            hans-g. Adobe Community Professional & MVP



            in addition to that what LD wrote about password etc and filezilla: I only can agree! I use filezilla with great success, so here is the link to get to know it:





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              Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Try toggling Passive and/or Secure FTP on/off.  Your web host might have changed upload requirements to improve security.


              Another thing to check is your Anti-virus and Firewall settings.  If they are too restrictive, DW may not have permission to connect to the remote server.



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                "An FTP Error has occurred - cannot make connection to host.  Your login or password is incorrect.  Please check your connection information."


                I'm seeing this same problem from a lot of different people over the span of 4-5 years as I have read a number of posts that came up in Google and in this forum.  None of those had resolutions. 


                I also am experiencing this problem.  I did nothing different.  I have been uploading to my website for years using CS4 and for months using CS5 without any problem.  I checked my connection information in my Site tab/Managing Sites/Edit... and even tested it.  It works there.  So what is the disconnect?


                After 4-5 years of people experiencing this problem, has anyone found a solution?