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    Hyperlink Error


      I'm currently running RoboHelp 7 on Windows 7. RoboHelp is fully patched (as of today). I keep getting an error message "The hyperlink Tips_for_Selecting_Routes.htm used in Selecting_Flight_plans.htm is outside of the current project and will not be shown in the Project Manager". The code being used is:


      <li class=p><p>Select one or more route files. <spaces> </spaces><a
      id=a1>Tips for selecting routes <img src="..\common\pix\blue_arrow_expandingContent.gif"
      x-maintain-ratio=TRUE style="border: none; width: 7px; height: 13px; float: none;
                border-style: none; border-style: none;"
      width=7 height=13 border=0></a><robohelp><script type="text/javascript"


      When I attempt to compile the project I get no erros and it functions properally. It's just when I open the project. If I run the same project on an XP machine, I do not get an error. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


      Thank you,