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    States vs. TitleWindows

    F.Bowman Level 2

      I've been checking out the new Flash Builder 4 and I have a question.


      I want to create an application with multiple windows for carrying out different tasks. I want to have windows for:


      •Managing preferences

      •Managing users

      •Managing groups



      The content for these tasks will each be hosted in their own container, preferably a TitleWindow with a close button. This is to allow the user to close that window when they are finished making use of it.


      I currently make use of two (2) states, an authenticated state and an unauthenticated state. When a menu item is clicked in the authenticated state, I use the popup manager to call up a custom TitleWindow relating to the menu item that the user clicked.


      With the changes made to Flash Builder 4 in regards to states, is it still recommended to do things this way or should I make sub-states of the authenticated state and switch to those depending on which menu item is clicked?


      If I do it using the sub-states, how do I get movable windows? When I popup the custom TitleWindows, those are usually enabled to move for the user's convenience.


      I'd definitely appreciate some clarity on this matter.