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    ComboBox as a DataGrid ItemRenderer


      Hi all,


      I'm quite new to Flex, to be honest.

      I'm trying a few scripts, AIR based, running some try-outs and so on.


      Since a couple of days now, I'm really stuck and can't figure out how to solve my little problem.


      I have a WindowedApplication

      In there, there's a DataGrid

      I have an Array "tb_inits" which gets its contets from a SQLite database

      There's an itemRenderer wich gets the "tb_inits" array data, it works perfectly.


      Then, I have a button that saves the DataGrid content into a SQLite database, once done, it resets "pan" variable (ArrayCollection) and DataProvider orf my Datagrid.


      until here, everything goes well, BUT, once new items are added to "pan", and by the way to the DataGrid, my ItemRenderer does not the default value (selectedIndex = -1)

      It gets previous data and not in the same order it was before, it gets it in reverse order.


      My question is, what would be the best solution to solve this?

      -  create a function that relaunches the main application again

      -  reset any variable I've probably forgotten?


      Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


      Many thanks in advance from Europe, Switzerland