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    Flash to LCDS to java remote object



      I am new to flex and this forum so if I should take this somewhere else feel free to let me know.

      I am using flash builder 4 and have looked at the first tutorial.  I set up a jboss/java/webservice to use as a data source and got connected ok but my company uses a LCDS server to connect to java remote objects, or remoting objects, or whatever the nomenclature is.  I thought I could connect to one of those.  When I try to add a LCDS data service is says I should convert the project's server type to LCDS, when I try that it asks for a root folder, root url, and context root.


      When I connected to the webservice it was on the same machine and the root folder I gave it was to the web deployment directory and it created a debug directory there for running my project.  The LCDS servers we use are external to my machine, how is it going to find this directory?


      The root url, should this be the entire url to the "messagebroker/amf"?  And if so, if my url is http://mycom.com/project/messagebroker/amf is "project" necessarily the context root?


      Sorry for the question flood.