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    How to draw a fading mouse trail


      Hi all.


      I'm currently in the process of writing some documentation for our software. I need to be able to show a drag-and-drop operation so I'd like to draw a mouse trail using illustrator. I'm having real trouble getting this done.


      I tried to create a brush but as far as I can tell I can't use a bitmap (screen cap of the mouse itself) when creating a new brush. I can do it with a blend and then substituting the spine for a curve but that's a PITA.


      Best case scenario I'd like to be able to almost use the thing like an arrow where it does the following:


      Draws a line from point A to point B

      Puts a bitmap of the mouse cursor every 20 pixels or so

      Fades in from start to finish to simulate movement.


      Can anybody help with this? I'm at a loss.