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    VBox, Drop Shadow, odd artifact


      I have a number pad component made of a VBox containing four HBoxes

      each containing some buttons. The number pad is displayed next to a

      text box when it gets focus.


      When I add a drop shadow, it looks fine,

      but in certain places on the screen an exra little line is drawn below.

      See attached picture.  Has anyone seen this sort of thing?  Is it just

      a Flex bug, or can I fix it somehow?  Thanks.


      Here's the style:


          backgroundAlpha: 1.0;
          borderStyle: "solid";
          borderColor: #c0c0c0;
          borderThickness: 1;
          cornerRadius: 10;
          padding-left : 10;
          padding-right : 10;
          padding-top : 10;
          padding-bottom : 10;
         backgroundColor: #f0f0f0;
         dropShadowEnabled: true;
         shadowDistance: 7;
         shadowDirection: right;
         dropShadowColor: #000000;


      Here is what it looks like:


      Shadow Artifact.png