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    AS3: Custom event, when function's tweens end

    maguskrool Level 1

      For now I merely want to know if what I need is possible to accomplish in AS3. I think so, but not sure how.

      I have several class methods that each perform several tweens and I need to know when those tweens end so I can act on that information. The tweens are class variables, so they'll be used by several methods. Because of this, I cannot - ok, I can, but it's inellegant at the very least - respond solely to the TweenEvent.FINISH and other tween events.

      So what I need is for the methods to fire custom events when all the tweens they're performing finish. That way, I can create nice event handlers that deal with whatever I need to happen afterwards.

      Is this possible? I'm not sure what sort of parameters would be involved in a solution.

      Thanks in advance.