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    .pdf does not render correctly


      Hello everyone:


      When creating a .pdf from a .html dreamweaver file it does not render properly. Headings go to the left and sidebar images do not display properly. Any ideas as to how to fix this. Using Adode Acrobat 8 Professional and Adobe Dreamweaver CS3. Many Thanks

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          pziecina Level 6



          Trying to convert a html page to a pdf document is the equivalent of using a photoshop html file as a web page: It may sort-of work, but that is all you can say about it.


          You have to remember the difference in page size, as a html page is generally wider than an A4 document, you could try using a css print style sheet and format the page for printing. But you are probably better advised to create a 'stand-alone' pdf document instead of trying to convert an html page.



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            msviola Level 1

            that is actually what we are experiencing. What would you do or use to create the .pdf properly? Many Thanks

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              John Waller Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Take a screenshot of the page then convert that to a PDF.


              The PrtScr key on the keyboard only captures what you can see on screen (or the active window).


              To get the entire page, either use something like SnagIt (commercial) or use one of the free add-ons for Firefox.


              Edit: or as Paula suggests, create a print stylesheet.



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                pziecina Level 6



                There are a number of ways you can do this -

                1. Create a css layout for printing the document and use this to convert to a pdf file. This would also be available for visitors who do wish to print the page from the browsers file/print option.
                2. Create your page in word or similar text editor and create pdf from that.
                3. Use the Acrobat professional program itself to create the document, (recommended method) this would then give you full control over fonts, layout and colour, you can use any font you have doing it this way, not just the ones used for the web.