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    My findings for Sony HD / AVCHD video - for moderate users like me


      After extensive testing, downloading, and trial and error - i have determined the following for my Sony HDR-XR500 camera and PE8


      First and foremost - Mini DV tape was much easier,quicker, reliable,and worked very well with PE.


      Second - HD, as far as PE goes is in its infancy and should be avoided for the weekend warrior, like me. I don't want to be, or have to be, smarter than all the language, codecs and drivers it takes to make PE tick - i just want to organize my memories, make a video and share them.


      Thirdly - my analysis .... drum roll please.


      Importing through PMB:

      - Sony does not give you much control over where to file. If you do  not choose a subfolder as reccommended, the dates of the video may be imported wrong

      - Sony will import the file as a .m2ts file

      - When imported into Elements (organizer) the thumbnail "Will appear"

      - Once edited with premier elements, the file will need to be "conformed and rendered before usable on the timeline (About 1 minute per GB on my quad core)

      - I've noticed some files getting chopped off with sound - others are good (mystery?)

      - files imported through PMB can not be batch renamed, it must be done in organizer


      Importing through windoes folder (Explorer, copy and paste from camera)

      - Files are transferred to the PC as .AVCHD files

      - The thumbnail shows in Explorer or folder view

      - When files are imported into the organizer, they are imported as .MTS files

      - Files imported "Will not" have viewable thumbnails in Elements, but "will" have thumnails in Premier Elements (my personal favorite as far as bugs go)

      - Same conforming and rendering on this side of the house too - as above.


      i tried all the suggstions of the forum, download quick time, mts codecs, copy, etc..... but this is what it is.


      So my suggestion, if you are confused like I am - don't buy a 1000 dollar HD camera until the program and operation become more user friendly and you see less posts like this. Life is short, I don't want to waste it on problems.