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    Setting button state for layer comps


      I am building multiple layer comps in fireworks that will later be used for production. At the moment I am building a master file of assets for a design team to work with. I understand that you can create multiple states for button symbols but I would like to be able to leave the 'down' button state on for use in a layer comp rather than creating two instances of the button, one being the default state, the other the down state, and turning them on and off. Is this possible?

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          Jim_Babbage Level 4

          There are no layer comps in Fireworks. That is something Photoshop offers. Do you mean pages, or are you just manually showing and hiding layers on a single page?


          As for the button symbols, they will only show the up state unless you are editing them or previewing in FW or in a browser.


          Is the reason for showing the down state just so others can visualize the result? If so, I'd recommend just creating a standard graphic symbol to show the intended result, making sure that the actual symbol is used when doing the mock ups.


          Maybe something like a column of images, the top one being the actual symbol and the other three showing hover, down and over while down. Then the button symbol itself is used when building the mock ups.




          Jim Babbage

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            Linus Lim Level 1

            if you are also considering interactive prototype, you can try button symbol too.

            In CS5, they have enhance the states label from using numbering to Up, Over, Down, Over while down for the 4 states.