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    OSMF in AIR

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      Is anyone using OSMF in AIR apps?  If so, what's been your experience?  Any issues encountered?


      For OSMF 1.0 we're not officially supporting AIR, just due to testing complexity and focusing our efforts on in-browser players, but we want to understand what developers are interested in doing with OSMF in AIR apps so we can plan appropriately.


      Sumner Paine,

      osmf product manager

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          I would like to use OSMF in AIR. The version of OSMF (.9?) which shipped w/ Flex 4 release appears to work fine in both AIR and Flash for me so far.


          I'm building a multi-target app, which can run under AIR or in the browser.

          I'm currently having trouble integrating OSMF 1.0 into my project due to the referenes in Flex 4 to data structures and events which have moved or been renamed.